P.E.I. had one of the smallest increases in doctor numbers in the country in 2012, according to a report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

The CIHI report, released Thursday, showed the total number rose by seven: six of those were specialists and the other a family doctor. That represented a growth of 2.7 per cent, compared to a growth of 4.0 per cent nationally.

The number of doctors per 100,000 people on P.E.I. is close to the lowest in the country. The Canadian average is 214, and on P.E.I.it is 182. The number is lower partly because the province has fewer specialists than others, with Islanders going to the mainland for many treatments. The only province with a lower rate is Saskatchewan.

Island doctors are also concentrated in urban areas, with 234 in cities and 32 in rural communities.