Blueberry growers are trying to find ways to bring more bees to pollinate their crop. (CBC)

The PEI AgriFood Alliance is hoping to improve bee pollination on P.E.I.

It's been asked by the province to find a long-term solution to the challenge of meeting the Island's pollination needs.

The P.E.I. Wild Blueberry Growers' Association has long wanted to open the province's borders to more off-Island bees.

It says members don't have enough bees to pollinate their blueberry fields.

However, some beekeepers are worried about diseases and pests coming in and infecting their bees.

The association recommended keeping the border open to Nova Scotia bees, despite a discovery of the tracheal mite.

"We identified this as a priority area that we could support, so we've been working on a plan to help identify some longer-term recommendations for a pollination plan on Prince Edward Island," said Tyson MacInnis, who's with the alliance.

MacInnis said he will be studying the issue and making a final recommendation in the late fall.