The Winter River Watershed Association is trying to rescue fish by the bucket load from a stream that is drying up.

It's the first time the group has had to relocate trout from some of the stagnant pools near the Union Road pumping station.

The watershed provides water for the residents and businesses of Charlottetown.

Co-ordinator Bruce Smith said they have to move quickly before raccoons and rising temperatures kill the remaining fish.

"If the water temperature warms up much over 20 degrees, 22 degrees, the fish are going to die. So it won't be over a long period of time. I'm sure we'll only have a couple of days to be able to do this before the fish will be dead in the stream," he said.

The group rescued and relocated close to two dozen fish on Tuesday afternoon.

They'll return on Wednesday with provincial staff.

Parts of the Winter River ran dry last year, and some blamed the amount of water Charlottetown was pulling from the watershed.