A community group is pushing for P.E.I. to produce 100 per cent of the province’s energy needs through renewable sources — and it’s looking for Island-wide support.

Renewable Energy P.E.I. held its first meeting in Charlottetown to see if there was interest.

The city of Summerside is hosting the next presentation Monday night.

Tracey Allen, a volunteer with the group, said she wants to set up community leads in each of the districts, who will represent the area and speak out to the government

“Because I think that importing energy to P.E.I. is not a sustainable process and I think that P.E.I. has got an economy that would be strengthened by having 100 per cent renewable energy. I think the goal is achievable and I think exporting energy would put P.E.I. in a stronger position, economically, as oppose to weaker,” she said.

Another meeting will be held in Kings County later this month.

The group is also working on a strategic plan on renewable energy on P.E.I. This will include plans for solar, wind and water energy.