The battle over the federal riding of Cardigan in Prince Edward Island is centred on the growing town of Stratford, with the two main candidates spending a lot of time there trying to win over voters.

About 30 per cent of the riding's voters live in Stratford. That climbs to 40 per cent, when the nearby communities of Pownal and Mermaid are included.


Liberal incumbent Lawrence MacAulay is focusing his efforts on the town of Stratford. ((CBC))

Both the Liberal and Conservative candidates have campaign headquarters in Stratford, and both are trying to appeal to these suburban voters

"There's certainly more public service, that's why the free and independent public service would be important here," Liberal incumbent MP Lawrence MacAulay said Monday.

"But there's every walk of life here. There's people in Stratford looking for work, there's people in Stratford trying to send their children to university."


Conservative candidate Mike Currie says people want a government MP. ((CBC))

Conservative candidate Mike Currie's bottom-line message is that Stratford has to elect a member on the government side.

"The message I'm getting very clear is that they certainly want their Member of Parliament to be in government, they like a lot of items that were in the budget such as income splitting, firemen's rebate, and infrastructure projects for their communities," he said.

Stratford Mayor David Dunphy said the candidates have to pay attention to his community, especially its infrastructure needs, if they want to win over voters.

"The gas tax revenue that we receive every year from the federal government, a lot of that money goes into sidewalks and trails and I think for people in Stratford that's an important thing in terms of recreation and their leisure time and transportation," he said.

MacAulay and Currie's main political support is in rural P.E.I., but they both have headquarters in Stratford and both plan to campaign heavily with their political teams and their family members.