Greens announce plans for strict water act

The Green Party unveiled its plans for improving P.E.I.'s drinking water on Tuesday.

Legislation would include stringent pesticide guidelines, more thorough water testing

The Green Party unveiled its plans for improving P.E.I.'s drinking water on Tuesday. 

Leader Sharon Labchuk says the Green Party doesn't mind other parties taking their ideas and running with them. (CBC)

Leader Sharon Labchuk outlined details of a proposed Clean Water Act that would include everything from stricter guidelines for pesticide use to more thorough testing of drinking water.

"We have every intention of electing MLAs and forming government, [but] we're not averse to other parties taking our ideas and going with them," said Labchuk. "That's why we present them."

The former Liberal government commissioned a report on nitrates in groundwater. It included several recommendations to help reduce nitrates in Island waterways.

But Labchuk said, even if government adopted all the recommendations, it still wouldn't go far enough.

Nitrates need to be completely eliminated from drinking water, not just reduced, she said.