Grady Poe honoured as industry builder at ECMAs

Island music manager Grady Poe was honoured as an industry builder at an East Coast Music Week luncheon on Saturday.

Island music manager Grady Poe was honoured with an industry builder award at an East Coast Music Week luncheon on Saturday.

Poe has lived on Prince Edward Island since 1990 and has worked with music festivals across Canada, United States and Europe.

He's worked extensively with P.E.I. musicians and says one of his primary roles has been to help artists commercialize their music.

"It’s one thing to play music and be good at it and have fun and entertain others, for your own enjoyment," he said. "The trick is when you want to commercialize it, what do you do?"

Others winners at Saturday's industry awards brunch include:

  • Event of the Year — Halifax Pop Explosion
  • Graphic/Media Artist of the Year — Phil MacIsaac
  • Live Sound Engineer of the Year — Stephen "Snickers" Smith 
  • Management/Manager of the Year — Forward Music Group 
  • Media Outlet of the Year — Jeff's Musical Car 
  • Media Person of the Year — Jeff Boudreau
  • Music Merchant of the Year — Back Alley Music 
  • Producer of the Year — Daniel Ledwell 
  • Studio Engineer of the Year — Michael "Sheppy" Shepherd
  • Studio of the Year — Soundpark Studios
  • Stompin’ Tom Award Volunteer of the Year — Flo Sampson, Alan Dowling, Kellie Walsh, Bob Mersereau and Susan Hunter 
  • Venue of the Year — Harmony House Theatre
  • Volunteer of the Year — Judy Bryan