The federal and P.E.I. governments have put up $400,000 for the restoration of Scales Pond on the Dunk River, east of Summerside.

The dam that created the pond breached in 2009, tearing up trees downstream and leaving a muddy mess where the pond has been. The pond was a popular recreation spot, and the idea of recreating it came up immediately.


There was tremendous support in the community to rebuild the pond, says Dennis Hoppping. (CBC)

"There was tremendous support for reinstating the pond," said Dennis Hopping, chair of the Dunk River Enhancement Committee.

The federal and provincial governments will each contribute $200,000 to the project. The project will include the development of eco-tourism opportunities such as recreational fishing, canoeing, and hiking for both residents and visitors.

"It's a great breeding place for trout and salmon. This used to be a very active salmon river and it's not nearly as active today as it used to be," said Hopping.

"It's a great place to be able to come for serenity. Look over the pond, relax. It just adds so much to the whole environment."

The pond was also a resource for local farmers, said Hopping, who used it as a source for irrigation.

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