The P.E.I. government is redeveloping its website to make it easier to view on a mobile device.

Currently none of its web pages are formatted for a mobile phone. The changes will cost about a hundred thousand dollars.


The P.E.I. government web site is currently not designed to be viewed on mobile devices. (CBC)

"It's not designed for a mobile experience; it's designed for a desk top experience," said Verna Lynne Weeks, communications specialist with web content development for the province.

"Part of the exercise as well will be to looking at the content that we are delivering now: 40,000 pages is a lot of content to manage. There's possibly a lot of that content that people aren't even using. Really we're hoping that work that will be done will be visible to the public by spring of 2014."

A company from Ottawa has been contracted to do the work.  Only one P.E.I. company applied, but it was disqualified.