The spring sitting of the P.E.I. Legislature was about money government isn't spending, says Opposition leader Steven Myers, millions of dollars allocated in last year's budget to pay for services but left on the table.

Steven Myers - custom

Steven Myers in the legislature (Province of P.E.I.)

"It's really disappointing to see the minister of social services leave so much money on the table that could have helped people that were in need. The minister of health left money on the table that could have helped with addictions and mental health on Prince Edward Island," said Myers.

"From that standpoint we were disappointed the government's trying to balance their books on the backs of the people who are the least fortunate right now in this province."

The spring session came to a close Wednesday. MLAs sat for 23 days and government passed 22 bills.

There wasn't much to talk about in the spring budget, in terms of new spending. Premier Robert Ghiz said the province can't afford to be more ambitious right now.

"We're in a deficit reduction mode right now," said Ghiz.

"We were still able to pass numerous pieces of legislation though, some relating to the Lands Protection Act hopefully that will be able to help out some of the farmers in our province."

Most of the bills passed were minor. Other significant bills included one to clamp down on repeat drunk drivers and another that paved the way for expanded scope of practice for Island pharmacists.