Lake of Shining Waters by Rebecca Wang of Hong Kong. (The Virtual Paintout)

Artists from around the world are painting landscape scenes from P.E.I. this month without ever setting foot on the Island.

The scenes are being painted using Google Street View.

Bill Guffey of Burkesville, Ky., the painter behind the project., picks a location every month and invites painters to make submissions to his website The Virtual Paintout.

There are 19 locations currently on the site, including Paris, Hong Kong, the Canary Islands and San Francisco. Nova Scotia is the only other Canadian location.

"I keep waiting for more Google Street View images to come up of Canada. I've never been there myself and I enjoy virtually travelling," Guffey told CBC News on Monday.

"P.E.I. is just beautiful. And it has a variety. You know, you have towns for landscape artists who like working urban. And then you also have the beautiful countryside and you have the seaside, and P.E.I. seems to have it all."

There are already dozens of Island paintings on the site, focusing both on well-known locations such as the Lake of Shining Waters, as well as many buildings and roadside locations that just happened to catch an artist's eye.