A Charlottetown company is hoping to start human trials of a ginseng-based supplement it believes could help prevent people from getting Parkinson's disease.

Jackalina Van Kampen

Human trials for the ginseng supplement NeuroPro could take two years, says Jackalina Van Kampen. (Laura Chapin/CBC)

Jackalina Van Kampen, director of preclinical research for Neurodyn Incorporated, said three animals trials on the product NeuroPro show promise.

"In Parkinson's disease there is a progressive loss of neurons in a very discreet area of the brain, and in this animal model we create approximately 80 per cent loss of neurons," said Van Kampen.

"In the animals who were treated with the ginseng there was maybe 15 to 20 per cent loss, and as far as their movement, it was completely reversed. All the loco-motor deficits, there were none."

The product is still a long way from the marketplace. Van Kampen expects the second phase clinical trial will take two years to complete.

Neurodyn will be recruiting people from multiple centres across North America in order for the trials to be statistically sound.