Robert Ghiz -custom

A lot of people have been asking about his weight, says P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz. (CBC)

P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz says he has lost between 20 and 25 pounds this year while on a new diet and exercise regime.

Ghiz told CBC News Tuesday he's on a campaign to get into better shape before he turns 40 in January.

"My goal has been to get in the best possible shape of my life," he said.

"I've been watching my diet now for the last about 8 months, trying to get regular exercise, when I'm getting good nights sleeps with the kids around, and it's really just about trying to live healthy."

Ghiz said a lot of people have been stopping him to ask him about his weight loss.

The premier said he's eating a lot of fruit, nuts, vegetables and lean meats. He said he feels great and has a lot more energy.