Jennifer Wakelin

Jennifer Wakelin enters court Tuesday to testify in the trial of Jason Norman Yeo, who is accused of planning a raid on a drug dealer's home in Emyvale. (CBC)

The trial of a man accused of planning a robbery at a drug dealer's home in Emyvale, P.E.I. in May 2012 continued Tuesday, hearing from the woman who drove the getaway car.

Crown prosecutor Cindy Wedge contends 31-year-old Jason Norman Yeo planned the home invasion, and coerced two other men into doing it in payment of thousands of dollars they owed him.

Jennifer Wakelin, 22, told court she drove the getaway car the night of the robbery. Wakelin described how she and her accomplices snorted cocaine to calm jittery nerves as they sat in the car outside the victim's home.

Minutes later, Wakelin says her boyfriend and another man burst into the home of Dean Fairhurst, held a gun to his head, and stole the drug dealer's stash of cocaine and dilaudid pills.

Wakelin and another woman waited in the car.

Wakelin told court as she drove the car back to Charlottetown, her boyfriend and the other man tossed their guns out the car window, into a ditch. The men later returned to retrieve the hand gun and sawed-off shot gun.

Wakelin told the court she did not know who planned the heist. She did say the foursome visited the home of Jason Yeo and his girlfriend on their way to commit the robbery.

The trial is slated to run all week.