The City of Charlottetown has passed a motion allowing it to clean up a hole in the ground at the corner of Grafton and Prince streets.

A developer has plans to build a condo at the street corner. The hole was dug in the summer of 2012, but there has been no work since then. The space sits empty, a hole in the ground slowly filling with debris.

The developer was delivered with a compliance order in September, it says he must build or fill the hole. This new motion gives the compliance order some teeth.

"Anybody that makes a substantial purchase like that I think has full intentions in moving ahead," said Coun. Rob Lantz.

"But we don't want to see it sit empty for another winter so, we do have that resolution if we need to enforce it, then we will, we can."

Lantz said while council has just voted in favour of cleaning the area up, he's fairly sure the developer will begin construction soon.

The developer wants to build a multi-storey condo building, said Lantz, with shops on the ground level.