The P.E.I. government says it will have an equal number of men and women serving on appointed boards and commissions by the year 2018.

Robert Ghiz - Custom

P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz says part of the process of gender parity is advertising for more candidates for positions on boards and commissions. (CBC)

The promise was made in Tuesday's throne speech.

Premier Robert Ghiz told CBC News currently 20 to 33 per cent of board and commission members are women. He admitted he and his cabinet bear at least some responsibility for the disparity, because they make the appointments.

"Some yes, but also making sure that enough apply, so that we have people to choose from, is also important," said Ghiz.

"From our perspective we want to make sure that we make the decisions that allow us to get to that parity, but we may have to advertise a little bit to encourage more applications to come in."

In the throne speech also talked about more women running for elected office without facing systemic discrimination or other obstacles.