For the first time in Old Home Week history the gates on Exhibition Drive will be closed to the public, but some say preventing one safety issue at the P.E.I. exhibition could create more.

Until this year, crowds have filed through the gate at Exhibition Drive for Old Week Home. But the gate sits between two stables, a busy path for racehorses coming on and off the track.

"There's all kinds of young and old arriving through the gate and safety is important and you know, while horses are beautiful animals, they are large and powerful and we just wanted to ensure for everybody travelling through there that it was as safe as possible," said Red Shores racetrack managing director Michael MacKinnon.

Horse owners are applauding the decision.

Danny MacDonald has spent most of his life at the track and has seen a few close calls.

"It's inevitable that someday there's going to be an accident. So this is a measure that is a long time coming," he said.

Other people say the closed gates create another problem.

People now have to walk along Exhibition Drive and down Kensington Road.

"It's definitely a safety concern, because some of the kids will walk on the road and other people walk on the grass and then if they have a stroller, then of course they're pushing the stroller on the road, so that's even worse," said volunteer Ken Cooke.

Old Home Week organizers said they've heard complaints about the new arrangement and have taken measures to address the problem. 

"Yesterday, thanks to seeing the crowds coming in, the city police have put in some measures down there as well with some additional gating and a walk way to make that safer for our guests coming," said organizer Rayanne Frizzell.

Extra staff will be posted at the two gates to handle the crowds and extra parking has been added to Park Street.