Buck Watts

The price of gas should be going down on P.E.I., says MLA Buck Watts. (Province of P.E.I.)

P.E.I. MLA Buck Watts wants to know why the price of gas on the Island is not going down.

The mid-month review of gas prices by the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission on Thursday night left the price of gas where it was, at between $1.284 and $1.295 a litre for regular self serve. Watts stood during question period Friday to ask Alan McIsaac, the minister responsible for IRAC, why.

"For the past month, the price of oil on the world market has continued to go down," said Watts.

"At the same time gas prices in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have gone down. Two weeks ago the price of gas on P.E.I. went up. Last night, the price of gas on P.E.I. remained the same."

Watts said he was probably getting more calls from constituents concerned about the price of gas than any other issue.

McIsaac responded that IRAC is an independent body and he cannot intervene, though he can make suggestions.

IRAC needs to be more clear in explaining its decisions on gas prices, he said.

The next scheduled review of petroleum product prices is at the end of the month.