Blair Cutcliffe, who runs the United Way campaign in P.E.I., and Cathy Nabuurs of Health Partners, are pleased that fundraising efforts are holding. (Pat Martel/CBC)

Donations for an annual federal government fundraiser haven't dropped, despite recent federal job cuts on P.E.I.

Each year, the United Way manages the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign.

The organization works alongside Health Partners to fundraise in federal offices.

Originally, there was some worry that job cuts on the Island would mean fewer people would donate and donations would be less money overall.

But that hasn't been the case.

Donors are giving more than usual, to make up some of the difference.

"Honestly, with federal cuts, it's very hard to know what people will do in their own personal situations," said Blair Cutcliffe, who runs the campaign on P.E.I.

"But I think that they probably might feel that, you know, with the cuts like this that some of their co-workers will probably need some of the services that are offered by United Way and also by Health Partners and hopefully they'll continue to give and give more."

Cathy Nabuurs, from Health Partners, said volunteers share stories about the community programs.

"It's wonderful to see the reactions on people's faces because they either have a family member who is suffering from a disease or a family member who's accessing one of the services from United Way and the money that they're able to donate to help makes them feel good," she said.

The final tally of donations will not be known until the campaign finishes in about a month, said Cutcliffe.