Friends of Kyle Bambrick, who died after he wandered into a blizzard during a New Year's Eve party, testified at a liquor control board hearing Wednesday about what happened that night.

The Dog River Golf Club triggered the hearing when it appealed a one-year cancellation of its liquor licence over the event.

Twenty-year-old Andrew McCloskey, who roomed with Bambrick in Charlottetown, testified that Bambrick, 18, drank nine beers at their apartment before heading out to the party. On the way the young people stopped at the Cornwall home of Bambrick's mother, Brenda Bambrick.

McCloskey testified they had a few more beers there, then Bambrick's mother drove them to the party at the golf club and dropped them off.

Twenty-year-old Josh Taylor testified Kyle Bambrick was drinking at the party and then grew agitated when he wasn't allowed to go into the golf club pro shop to sleep. He said he last saw Bambrick at 3 a.m., wearing a hat and someone else's coat, heading outside for a cigarette.

Outside the courtroom, Brenda Bambrick told CBC News she feels she did the right thing by driving the young people to the party so they wouldn't drink and drive. The hearing heard that other parents did the same thing, and picked their kids up later in the evening.

The central argument before the hearing is whether the party was a private affair or a licensed event — that is only factor bearing on whether the golf club will get to keep its licence. Testimony continues Thursday.