The new welding program at the French colleges is expected to help Francophones find new jobs in shipbuilding. (Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick)


Three French-language colleges from around the Maritimes have teamed up to offer a course in welding to their students.

The Collège Acadie of P.E.I., Université Ste Anne of Nova Scotia, and Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick will offer the welding level one course starting in September 2013.

The course will be a mix of video-conferencing and hands-on instruction in welding shops.

"Being that post-secondary institutions have the technology to deliver programs via video conferencing and have been successful in other areas, we explored this possibility in order to allow the rural or the minority students or even the French immersion students to receive the specialized trades program," said Collette Aucoin, vice-president of College Acadie.   The new program is being presented to help Francophones in the region take advantage of opportunities expected to come available as new warships are built in the region.