The University of Prince Edward Island Student Union is continuing its lobby for the school to be covered under P.E.I.'s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

UPEI student union president Lucas MacArthur

'Public money should equal public access,' says UPEI Student Union president Lucas MacArthur. (Lucas MacArthur)

Student union president Lucas MacArthur will meet with Premier Robert Ghiz Monday.

MacArthur said P.E.I. is the only province in Canada that hasn't brought post-secondary institutions under the law.

"We believe that because the university, half their operating budget is funded by public dollars, that the people of the community and the people of Prince Edward Island deserve to have that information,” said MacArthur.

“Really it's just the fundamental principle of public money should equal public access."

The student union has already met with Minister of Labour and Justice Janice Sherry, the standing committee on education, and UPEI administration about freedom of information at the university.

MacArthur said UPEI does have a freedom of information office, but it is not accountable to the government and it should be.