A fox has taken over a crow's nest behind the utility building at the University of Prince Edward Island.

The fox has nested there for about two weeks, said university staff. The tree is slanted, so the fox can walk up the tree and into the nest, which is almost two storeys high.


A fox has assumed ownership of a crow's nest at UPEI. (UPEI)

"I think it's kind of cool actually," said Sandy Smith, who works in the UPEI garage.

"I've never heard of a fox climbing trees, but there he is."

Crows in the area aren't too pleased about the takeover, and every morning there's a standoff between the fox and the crows, said staff.

The fox has been around campus for the last two years, and is comfortable enough with people that he's known to walk right up to them, said Smith.

"We think it's pretty special, said Greg Clayton, director of facilities management.

"I think he's probably enjoying the sunshine up there."

It's not the first time a mammal has taken over the nest. Last fall, squirrels made it their home.