A two-storey makeshift fort scrawled with racist and obscene language was discovered on private property in Summerside, prompting police to advise landowners to post no trespassing signs.

The landowner Peter Warkentin has put up no trespassing signs on his 12-acre lot.

Peter Warkentin

Peter Warkentin has erected no trespassing signs on his 12-acre lot where a makeshift structure has been built. (CBC)

But he's more worried about dangerous activities than people on his property. 

"I hope they don't do anything bad in there, start a fire or anything. That's what I'm worried about."

Police have received complaints about youth going through yards in the area to access the fort.

"We've found several empty alcohol containers. We can't say that the youth are underage, but one can only surmise," said Summerside Police Chief Dave Poirier.

Stolen patio furniture

Linda MacInnes, who lives in the area said, "I'm not easily disturbed, but last September my bistro set disappeared. I was upset."

MacInnes found her table smashed near the fort in the woods behind her home. She recovered her chair.

Linda MacInnes

Linda MacInnes found her missing bistro table smashed near the fort. (CBC)

"I think they're just young people who want their own little nook and if they're doing things that they should be doing, fine, but if they're experiencing things that they shouldn't be, well I have a concern just for their safety and ours."

Warkentin says he's given the city permission to remove the fort.

"I can't do anything, I'm 87 years old and I travel in that wheelchair."

Police say they have increased patrol in the area. They say there have been no arrests, but they did warn a group of teenagers that the area is private property.