There needs to be a bylaw placing restrictions on street food vendors in the eastern P.E.I. town of Montague, says the owner of a local restaurant and pub.

Ann Dewar - custom

Montague council needs to give some consideration to existing businesses before allowing food trucks into the town, says Ann Dewar, owner of Sir Isaac's Restaurant and Mr. Gabe's Pub (CBC)

A fish and chip truck parked by the waterfront last summer, close to Sir Isaac's Restaurant and Mr. Gabe's Pub, cut into business, said owner Ann Dewar. She said some people would buy a meal at the truck and then venture into her restaurant to use the washroom.

Dewar is worried that without a specific bylaw even more trucks will set up this year.

"I'm here year-round and I'm paying taxes, and water taxes and land taxes, and I really couldn't see why something like that could be allowed. You know, how many trucks will be here this summer?" she said.

"I don't know if they are really considering the already existing businesses trying to survive."

The owner of the food truck, Greg Campbell, told CBC News that he is an entrepreneur as well, that he follows all the rules, pays rent for the space and pays for utilities. 

Dewar said she made her case to council without much luck. She wants rules set out stating where these food trucks can and can't set up.

She is planning to voice her concerns Wednesday night at a meeting of the Waterfront Corporation.