Extreme weather has caused enough grief this winter, but Islanders are facing a new set of challenges as temperatures rise and the snow starts to melt, right into the basements of residents and business owners.

Moonsnail Soapworks in downtown Charlottetown was hit by the thaw.

"The basement water level was rising and rising and the sump pump just wasn't keeping up," said owner Jennifer Ridgway.

"Unfortunately the water level got high enough that it damaged the furnace and fried the dehumidifier."

According to experts, a good sump pump is key to keeping up with the year's thaw.

Jennifer Ridgway

Owner Jennifer Ridgway said Charlottetown's Moonsnail Soapworks was hit by the melting snow. (CBC)

"It's super saturation," said plumber Gerry Edge.

"The ground is really moist, really heavy — there's a lot of melting, a lot of snow, a lot of rain — all of that stuff comes down under."

This year's snow amounts are exceptional, said Edge, adding he has been getting more calls than usual for flooding.

Meanwhile, Charlottetown had to deal with water main breaks across the city, common when the ground shifts during the freeze-and-thaw cycle.