A second fish processing plant on P.E.I. has filed an injunction against fishermen who have set up blockades in front of the plant, protesting low lobster prices.

Fishermen blockaded the Beach Point Processing plant on Wednesday. Then on Friday, more boats were used to blockade Seafood 2000 in Georgetown. About 300 to 400 people gathered in Georgetown near the boats.

Seafood 2000 Ltd., filed the injunction Friday. The court order states that the boats blocking the plant must be moved for Saturday.

The injunction says the order will remain in effect for 10 days.

The owners of Beach Point Processing were granted a court injunction early Thursday afternoon against three fishermen presumed to be the owners of the boats blockading their plant. The injunction orders that the fishermen and the Harbour Authority of Beach Point not obstruct or block entrances to the processing plant's property, but the boats were removed sometime late Friday afternoon.

Despite the injunctions, fishermen say they will maintain a presence around the plants but would not go into detail about what, exactly, they will do.

Lobster fishermen say they need at least $5 per pound before it's worth their while to go fishing. Lobsters are currently selling on P.E.I. for about $3 a pound.

Protests continue across Maritimes

Meanwhile in other parts of the Maritimes, fishermen joined the protest against low lobster prices.

About 60 fishermen in the Bay St. Lawrence area of Nova Scotia have decided to postpone their season to protest low lobster prices.

Lobster is selling for $3.75 a pound on the wharf in Nova Scotia. Some fishermen said that price doesn't make it worthwhile for them to go out to sea. Their lobster season is set to open on Saturday.

In eastern New Brunswick, lobster fishermen  tied up their boats for a third day on Friday to protest the low prices they are receiving for their catch.

A large crowd of lobster fishermen from Escuminac, Baie St-Anne and Pointe Sapin agreed on Thursday to continue the protest to get better prices.

About 100 of them descended upon the Shediac office of lobster buyer Orion on Friday morning, under the watch of about a dozen RCMP officers.

Police escorted some of the fishermen inside.

Lobster season started nearly two weeks ago. But fishermen found out two days ago their catches will net them at least $1 per pound less than last year.

In New Brunswick, market lobsters are now valued at $3.50 per pound and canners are $3 per pound.