It's a popular summer weekend activity across the country, but for camping newcomers, some basic tasks can be a challenge.

More than 100 people have gathered in Stanhope, P.E.I., this weekend to learn how to light their first fires and pitch a tent.

The Learn to Camp program is hosted by Parks Canada. It provides equipment and food while families get their first taste of the great outdoors as they sleep overnight on the beach.

Many of the families participating in the event were new to Canada, coming from as far as Italy and Bhutan.

This isn't just fun and games for Parks workers. It's also an opportunity to hook more people on the activity and bring in new revenue to the national parks. Parks Canada froze camping rates this year in an effort to draw in more guests.

Parks Canada was recently hit by federal budget cuts as 1,689 employees across the country received notice that their jobs would be affected.