The first of five people charged in a violent home invasion last year in Emyvale, P.E.I., will spend four years in prison.

Chase James Roper, 22, of Charlottetown, was sentenced Tuesday in Supreme Court for his part in what Justice John Mitchell called a "terrifying" home invasion, May 28, 2012.

The court heard that at 3 a.m., Roper, wearing a mask over his face, kicked in the door of man's home, held a handgun to his victim's head and demanded money and drugs.

Roper was accompanied by another man who was armed with a sawed-off shotgun. Both guns were unloaded.

The court heard they bound the victim's hands and feet. Roper kicked the man while his accomplice ransacked the home.

Three others remained outside.

Victim faces drug charges

According to facts read out in court, Roper and his accomplices robbed the man because they were under pressure to pay drug-related debts.

Roper pleaded guilty to armed robbery, wearing a disguise and assault with a weapon. He also pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine.

He was caught in an undercover police sting that was underway at the time of the home invasion.

Federal prosecutor Scott Barry said cocaine trafficking on P.E.I. has international links to organized crime.

Justice Mitchell said Roper would have received a longer sentence, but this is Roper's first offence, he's relatively young and he pleaded guilty.

The four other accused will be in court Friday for sentencing.

The victim of the home invasion also faces drug charges and will appear in court Friday too.