Crystal meth was seized for the first time in Charlottetown as two men were arrested Friday night following an investigation by the city police street crime unit.

Police pulled a vehicle over and seized a quantity of drugs, which included crystal meth, cocaine, speed pills, marijuana and hashish.

Police said the total street value was $15,000.

A 40-year-old man from Ontario and a 23-year-old man from New Brunswick face five charges each of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

"The aggravating thing about this seizure is, on top of an already volatile opiate prescription drug problem, these two had crystal meth on their person — approximately 9.7 grams — as well as speed pills, hashish and cocaine," said deputy police chief Gary McGuigan.

"So that's alarming to police to see the introduction of crystal meth into the community. This quantity here would lead us to believe that they were trying to introduce crystal meth into the community."

Crystal meth is highly addictive, said McGuigan.

The two men remain in custody and will appear in court Tuesday.