The City of Charlottetown presented a list of priorities Tuesday for some federal and provincial infrastructure funding.

Clifford Lee - custom

Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee has provided the P.E.I. government with a number of infrastructure priorities for the province. (CBC)

The provincial and federal government are still working on an agreement for the Build Canada program, but the province asked the city to come up with a list of projects it would like to get money for in the future.

Mayor Clifford Lee said there is no shortage of necessary projects.

"The [sewer] separation project is obviously important to the city. The water supply is an ongoing issue that we have committed to, and a fire station study has been completed and it's time to come to grips with that recommendation," said Lee.

"Any time you're able to share the capital costs to these projects with other levels of government it's a win-win situation for the taxpayers of Charlottetown."

The list also includes two new roundabouts for the city.

Lee said under the Build Canada fund the money for these projects would be shared equally between the three levels of government.

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