Fire destroyed a home Thursday night in Inverness, P.E.I.

The two people inside the house escaped without injury.

A portion of Route 2 was closed for several hours while firefighters from five fire departments were on the scene.

"We did have occupants in the house at the time of the fire. They did hear something in the upstairs. They went up and they found a lot of smoke in the upstairs area. And the burn patterns definitely do indicate that there was something that happened up there," said David Rossiter, the provincial fire marshal.

The roof burned away and the second floor collapsed down onto the first floor, said Rossiter.

"The structure is actually not safe to go into. I was in it last night for not very long because it wasn't that safe to work in."

Rossiter said that because of the extent of the damage and the unsafe condition of the structure, he can't determine an exact cause of the fire.