Potato and livestock farmers will see a 21 per cent increase in workers compensation rates starting January 1st. ((CBC))

The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture says it will not give up on trying to get the new Workers Compensation rates changed.

Potato and livestock farmers will see a 21 per cent increase as of January 1st.

"We haven't gotten anywhere with our efforts," said John Jamieson, executive director of the federation. "Essentially, we've been told by Worker's Comp that these are the rates. And that's what they're going to be, they're not going to change. Which is very disappointing, especially when you hear of the trucking sector, the increases they're having, the increases at the meat plant. It's almost like the primary industries, which are the driver for the economy here on P.E.I., are going to see some significant increases."

Jamieson said the changes put P.E.I. farmers and truckers at a disadvantage compared to other Maritime provinces.  

Jamieson told CBC News previously that he did not believe there was a 20 per cent increase in farm accidents, in which he said one would expect when seeing  a 20 per cent increase in premiums.

Island farmers don't have to sign on to workers compensation, although Jamieson said close to 70 per cent do.

Jamieson said in November the federation was concerned the increase might have some farmers reconsidering whether they want to pay the premiums at all, removing protection for farm workers.

Since the announcement, the federation has met with the Worker's Compensation Board and the province.