United Way officials on P.E.I. are concerned about the potential impact of federal job cuts on their donations.

Federal government employees can make direct payroll donations to the United Way and other organizations through the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign.

Last year, the federal campaign brought in about $350,000 on the Island, but this year, hundreds of federal government jobs on P.E.I. are slated to be cut.

"Federal government employees have always been enormously generous to us. You never know when there are cuts what is going to happen," David Hennessey, executive director of the United Way of P.E.I.

Hennessey says federal government employees realize the importance of the programs and services provided by the United Way and have continued their support, even in difficult times.

"I think for us at this point, it's the waiting game," Hennessey said. "We don't know exactly what's going to happen but I'm confident that the employees will come through."