A young P.E.I. father who broke the bones of his crying baby has been sentenced to one year in jail.

Judge Jeff Lantz custom

The man's initial denial that he injured the baby was an aggravating factor in the sentence, says Judge Jeff Lantz. (CBC)

It happened one night last June, when the man's daughter was three months old. The man, who CBC News is not identifying to protect the identity of the baby, broke the arms, leg and collar bone of the girl while changing her diaper.

After the incident, the young father told no one about the girl's injuries.

The baby's injuries were noticed by the grandmother, who took the baby to the hospital five days later.

The man initially denied causing her injuries, but eventually admitted to them.

He pleaded guilty to one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

In statements to police, he tried to explain why he did not take the baby to a doctor.

"If you picked her up she didn't scream, 'er anything like that," the man is quoted in documents presented in court.

"It didn't seem like she, anything was hurting her, so I didn't, it didn't really come to my mind to take her to a doctor."

Summerside provincial court Judge Jeff Lantz said  the severity of the girl's injuries, the man's initial denial, and the resulting five-day delay in treatment, were aggravating factors in deciding on the sentence.

Lantz said the man's denial also caused the "shadow of suspicion" to fall unfairly on the mother and grandmother, as neither had anything to do with injuring the infant.

However, the judge cited glowing reports from employers and strong support from the man's family, which all suggested he was a good candidate for rehabilitation. The court heard, use of drugs or alcohol were not a factor, and the man had no related criminal record.

The man will be on probation for two years after he gets out of jail.  He's been ordered not to care for children under the age of six without supervision.  Doctors continue to monitor the baby's recovery.