'Fast Eddy' Dostaler visits P.E.I. on 2nd leg of cross-Canada fundraising run

"Fast Eddy" Dostaler had already planned to run across Canada and back home again to raise money for two causes. But then he brought his car into the mix, effectively adding a third leg to his journey.

Runner has raised $10K for Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer

Edward Dostaler is running across Canada to raise money for Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer research. (Matt Rainnie CBC)

"Fast Eddy" Dostaler had already planned to run across Canada and back home again to raise money for two causes. But then he brought his car into the mix, effectively adding a third leg to his journey.

Dostaler had just finished the first leg of his trip in September, landing in St. John's, when it struck him that having a car would facilitate outreach to schools and community organizations about breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease on his return trip.

So he flew back home to B.C., picked up his car and drove back across the country to Newfoundland to resume his trip.

But the car has essentially added a third crossing to his journey.

Running solo and unsupported, Dostaler is forced to double up on each kilometre as he makes his way back to B.C.

"I run 10 kilometres down the road, I run back 10 and I drive 10," Edward Dostaler told CBC Radio's Island Morning Thursday on his second visit to P.E.I.

Eddie Dostaler tells Island Morning about his cross Canada run to raise money for important causes. 8:16

The runner has undertaken the initiative to keep a promise to a late former professor who advocated for breast cancer and to his grandmother who is fighting Alzheimer's disease.

After 10 months on the road, Dostaler's lofty fundraising goals have not been reached. He was hoping his inspiring journey would raise $40,000 for each cause in each province.

But he has only raised about $10,000.

"It could be better, I'm not going to lie," Dostaler said.

Dostaller added what he calls a Toonie Challenge to the run after visiting P.E.I. last September. Communities can put out a bucket to collect money that will go toward their province's Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer foundations.

The City of Charlottetown is also challenging Island communities and municipal officials to donate a toonie at city hall before Feb. 3 in support of Dostaler's run.

"Running across the country would be no easy feat, but this young man is doing it to raise funds for these two important causes and we just found that to be very inspiring," said Mayor Clifford Lee in a news release.

People are helping Dostaler along the way, feeding him and giving him a place to stay. Occasionally he gets a lift back to his car.

Dostaler isn't planning to give up on his run, hoping momentum follows on his crossing back home to the West Coast.

This weekend, he hopes to raise some additional funds by dropping the puck at the Charlottetown Islanders hockey game.


  • A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that "Fast Eddy" bought a car in Newfoundland. In fact, he flew back to B.C. to pick up his own car and drove it back to Newfoundland, where he resumed his trip.
    Jan 31, 2016 3:56 PM AT


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