More than a dozen P.E.I. potato growers who farm in the Trout River watershed area met Monday to talk about measures that can be taken to prevent fish kills in the future.

Officials are still investigating a fish kill that happened in the area last month. It is the third fish kill on the Trout River in three years.

The farmers were joined by officials from the P.E.I. Potato Board and the provincial Department of Agriculture, as well as area MLA Rob Henderson.

"The growers in that area, like all Islanders, they're frustrated and they're disappointed with the recent event," said potato board manager Greg Donald.

"So they wanted to get together and talk about what happened, and what are the opportunities or what are the things that they can do more to improve the situation there."

Donald said the group reviewed the 18 recommendations outlined in the Report by the Action Committee of Sustainable Land Management, which was released over the winter in reaction to previous fish kills in the province. He said environmental engineers have already mapped the area and have created a soil conservation plan.

Plans are in place to build water diversion structures, such as berms. That work will begin in the next few weeks. A co-ordinator will also be hired to help the growers implement recommendations from the report.