The Charlottetown Farmers' Market is partnering with the Salvation Army to get food left over at the end of the day to people who need it.

Jamie Locke

Fresh produce from the Charlottetown Farmers' Market is a nice change for many, says Salvation Army Capt. Jamie Locke. (CBC)

Some vendors at the market are donating fresh produce that doesn't sell. Some of the food is also going to Anderson House, Charlottetown's women's shelter.

"There's been a great deal of concern here on Prince Edward Island in terms of providing adequate access to food for families and individuals who are perhaps on a low or fixed income," said Salvation Army Capt. Jamie Locke.

"We're quite grateful now we that have this partnership with the Charlottetown Farmers Market."

Locke said the produce is a nice change for those who don't have many fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.

The Salvation Army gives out the food to those in need a couple of times a week. Volunteers have also cooked some of the vegetables so people can taste them and see how to prepare them before they take them home.

The manager for the market said similar donations had been made in the past, but not in the last few years.