The P.E.I. farmer who owns the road to the Cape Tryon Lighthouse, on the province's North Shore, has blocked it until the Department of Fisheries and Oceans repairs it.

It's about a one-kilometre walk now from the highway to the lighthouse. Betsy and Richard Zubroff, who are visiting from New York, made the walk to see it. They'd like to see the road fixed up so more people could have the opportunity.

Wayne Cousins

The road will remain closed until the Department of Fisheries and Oceans repairs it, says Wayne Cousins. (CBC)

"There would be a lot more people coming up here if the road was better," said Richard Zubroff.

"We didn't mind the walk. It's nice walk."

Wayne Cousins, who owns the road and the surrounding farmland, said the road will remain closed until the federal government fixes it.

"People are coming down here, and the road is in such bad shape then they go out in the field and drive all over the fields," said Cousins.

"I asked to have it fixed up and they refused to do it."

The federal government has had an agreement in place regarding the road since 1905. It allows the coast guard access to the lighthouse through Cousins' property, and Ottawa is also supposed to maintain it for its own use.

DFO says the condition of the road is good enough for its employees to get to the lighthouse, and it is not its job to maintain the road for the public.