Police statistics show no decline in the number of reports of family violence on P.E.I. over the last three to four years.

'That's a lot of children and it affects our entire province.' - Jane Ledwell, P.E.I. Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Last year, RCMP and Charlottetown police logged 320 reports, with almost half of those leading to charges. That includes incidents between current and former common-law partners.

"We monitor [these statistics] very closely because we really want to see those trends and those numbers going down," said RCMP Sgt. Andrew Blackadar.

"We've seen them holding steady over the past three or four years, so it tells us we have some more work to do in terms of education and awareness."


RCMP Sgt. Andrew Blackadar would like to see family violence statistics decline. (CBC)

The P.E.I. Advisory Council on the Status of Women has created a new infographic with the latest statistics.

It notes there were more cases of family violence on P.E.I. than of new cases of prostate, breast and lung cancers combined.

Executive director Jane Ledwell expressed particular concern over the 3,600 reports to Child Protection Services. In comparison, P.E.I. fire services averages only about 2,600 incidents each year.

"If there are 3,600 reports of children who may be in danger of neglect, abuse or violence that's a lot of children and it affects our entire province," said Ledwell.

"Hopefully the statistics and understanding that connection that we have and the responsibility that we have to each other to prevent violence can help inspire action."

As part of Family Violence Prevention Week the province and other community groups are holding educational events this week across the Island.

Family violence infographic

2011 statistics (P.E.I. Advisory Council on the Status of Women)