P.E.I. Provincial Fire Marshal David Rossiter is investigating the cause of the Montrose fire (CBC)

A family of three had to escape through a living room window early Saturday morning after fire blocked the main doorway of their home in Montrose, in western P.E.I. said Alberton Fire Chief Tom Murphy.

The call came in at around 12:45 a.m.

"When we got there there was flames all around the house," said Murphy. "The fire started on the outside of the house so it got well involved before the people found out about it." 

Murphy said the smoke detectors did not go off right away because the fire began on the outside of the home. 

"The husband woke up and he heard a crackling, popping sound and when he looked out the bedroom window there were flames going by the window," said Murphy. 

"So then he woke his family up and they went downstairs and couldn't get out the main door because the deck was on fire there. They only have one door there so they climbed out the living room window at the back of the house," said the fire chief.  

Murphy said the family lost everything in the fire but the home was insured.

The provincial fire marshal is investigating the cause.