Habitat for Humanity is pleased to see confirmation of their belief families are happier and healthier in homes built for them by the charity.

A new survey by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation also finds children moving into Habitat homes do better in school.

"We're able to now go out and show some of our supporters exactly what happens to our families that live in Habitat houses," said Susan Zambonin, executive director of Habitat for Humanity on P.E.I.

"If they support us, we're able to help our families and this is some of the payback that we get."

The survey included more than 300 families living in Habitat homes across Canada.

Habitat for Humanity homes are not free. Families chosen for homes must help build them, and pay a mortgage based on their gross income. More than two thirds of the families in the survey said their housing costs rose with home ownership, but many also said they were building equity in their homes.

Since 1985 Habitat has built 2,200 homes in Canada.