The Canadian dollar is losing value against the American one, and that's good news for P.E.I. tourism and exporters.

The Canadian dollar was valued at 95 cents U.S. Thursday morning, and American tourists in Charlottetown were noticing the difference.

"Our money goes further so it should save us a dollar or two," said Kenny Adams, who is visiting from Virginia.


Bill Enserink gets about five per cent more in Canadian dollars on sales of potatoes to the U.S. these days. (CBC)

Texas tourist Scott Engle said the state of the Canadian dollar makes travelling north more attractive.

"As opposed to going to Europe or somewhere where the Euro has been up, of course, against the dollar, it is a reason to come to Canada," said Engle.

Tourism is not the only industry that stands to benefit. Bill Enserink of Red Isle said after a couple years selling potatoes to the States with the Canadian dollar at or above par 95 cents is a nice change.

"It certainly has a positive effect on our business," said Enserink.

"That's about a five per cent increase in what we get in Canadian dollars, which basically relates right back to the price of the potatoes."

It's not the bonus exporters were getting at the turn of the century, when the loonie was worth just over 60 cents U.S., but many P.E.I. businesses are happy to see it fall below par again.