Nasty winter weather in the Maritimes has affected blood donations in the region, as people stay home rather than venture out into cold or stormy weather.

You can find clinic schedules and book an appointment at

Canadian Blood Services is off its target in the Maritimes by 230 units in the last few weeks. Some donation clinics have been cancelled due to storms, and attendance rates for others is down.

Peter MacDonald, director of donor and clinic services for the Atlantic region, said so far no patients have been affected, because blood can be sent from other parts of the country.

MacDonald is urging people to honour their appointments to give blood.

"Also if you've thought about giving blood in the past and you haven't done it, now's the time," he said.

"I'd encourage people to go to They can book an appointment on line."

MacDonald says their usual attendance rate for clinics is 60 per cent. For the past six weeks that number has been 50 per cent.

MacDonald expects that in addition to the weather cold and flu season is taking a toll.