Personal issues kept me from updating for the past few months, but not a whole lot has changed — I'm still unemployed and seeking work.

Judging by the lack of return contact from Maritime publishers, I am led to assume that few companies in the region are hiring, which, given the current economy, is understandable. I suspect that my lack of professional training counts against me, but I am rather confused by the fact that very few of the publishers I've e-mailed have gotten back to me. Even a simple "No, we're not hiring at the moment," would give me some reassurance that my email was received and read.

On a somewhat more positive note, I've returned to looking for jobs in the local market. A friend of mine, another unemployed recent graduate, is also looking for a job, so we will be filling out application forms from the P.E.I. Public Service Commission in the hopes of getting some form of casual work with the government.

I also see that the Graduate Mentorship Program run by SkillsPEI is starting back up again, so I'll definitely be keeping my eye on the job listings once they start being posted.