The Nature Conservancy of Canada is looking for about 20 experienced kayakers on P.E.I. to help with a clean up of the shoreline of the Murray Islands in southeastern P.E.I.

There are five islands targeted by conservation groups because of their importance to wildlife and birds. Two of them are protected by the Island Nature Trust, two by the province, and the NCC protects one called Thomas Island.

The clean up will take place on July 26, with volunteers leaving from Murray Harbour.

Julie Vasseur, program manger for the NCC on P.E.I., said they are hoping to get people who have their own gear and their own kayaks and are comfortable with getting to and from the islands.

"It's about a 10-kilometre kayak to get out to the islands and to circle the whole harbour. Most of the garbage we anticipate seeing is kind of aquatic waste," said Vasseur.

"A lot of that is just small bits and pieces, especially Styrofoam buoys and ropes and netting and that kind of thing. Occasionally birds will mistake smaller garbage for food or will get entangled in some of the netting and the ropes. So it's important that we remove the garbage so that they can continue using the harbour."

The P.E.I. government is providing a motor boat to pick up garbage bags as the volunteers do the work.

Anyone interested in helping out can email