The coordinator of the Southeast Environmental Association is resigning because of constant delays with government funding.

'It's impossible to get true work done' —Sara Jane Bell

Sara Jane Bell has been in charge of the eastern P.E.I. environmental group for years. The organization works on projects to clean up local watersheds.

But Bell said their work is constantly being stalled because of finances. Most of the group's funding comes from the federal government.

"It's been coming later and later every year. It's ultimately been more than I can withstand anymore."

Bell said there's been a lot of concern with the health of the Montague/Valleyfield watershed because of erosion and siltation.

"It's frustrating," Bell said. "It's impossible to get true work done and its hard to plan year to year when you know you are going to go through certain funding deficits. It's just really hard to plan and get things done."

Bell will remain on the board of the organization.

She said limited funding will be available next summer for some programs.