English school board trustees hearing concerns about cuts

The chair of the English Language School Board says trustees are hearing concerns from parents and teachers about cuts and the potential impact on island students.

The issue was discussed at the board's monthly meeting Tuesday night.

Fred Osborne said the board will be gathering more information over the next few weeks and will present its position next month. He said that could include a request to government for more stable funding.

"What we're hearing is the matter of the budget that the board has to operate the system," said Osborne.

" And we are looking and discussing on that subject as to what we as a board can do to voice the public's concern in an official way to that matter. What we were looking at is more adequate funding for operation of the system". 

Osborne says the board welcomes input on the issue from parents and staff. 

"We want to be able to give the public a united voice," said Osborne.