P.E.I.'s English Language School Board is sorry to hear the RCMP is phasing out the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program on the Island.

DARE is a 10-hour program delivered by specially trained police officers. It is designed for students in grades five to seven, and addresses issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, smoking and peer pressure.

But the Mounties are looking at alternatives that don't use as many resources, and possibly are not delivered by police officers.

Julia Gaudet, director of student services with the English Language School Board, said DARE was a good program.

"We value it in the format that it has been offered, and we'd like to see that continue," said Gaudet.

"Disappointment around the program being diminished, or lessened, you know, that's reality. But we welcome it being continued in a capacity where the majority of students can benefit."

Gaudet said the board hasn't heard from the RCMP about the future of the DARE program, but it will welcome whatever form of drug awareness the RCMP provides in the future.

For mobile device users: What do you think of the end of the RCMP offering the DARE drug education program on P.E.I.?