Canada's National Firearms Association has republished an embarrassing picture of P.E.I. chief firearms officer Vivian Hayward and asked again for her resignation.

Hayward gun photo

This photo, which became public in 2010, led to some embarrassment for P.E.I. chief firearms officer Vivian Hayward. (Submitted by Canadian Sports Shooting Association)

The association is upset over recent comments attributed to Hayward about proposed changes to gun legislation. She expressed concern those changes could allow more people to carry guns.

Earlier this week, the association republished on its Facebook page the controversial photo of Hayward from 2010. The picture was taken for internal use, but deemed inappropriate and never used. It was leaked, however, and released to the public by the Canadian Sports Shooting Association.

It shows Hayward and two others on the back of a pickup truck loaded with guns. The National Firearms Association alleges her behaviour in the photograph is unsafe.

"Those are highly illegal firearms," said executive vice president Shawn Bevins.

"Taking pictures of those in a public place, obviously, in the back of a pickup truck in a parking lot in a strip mall, any other Canadian would have their door kicked down, their private property, i.e. firearms seized and those people would be charged and they'd be brought before a court."

The National Firearms Association has been taking aim at some firearms officers, and others across Canada, who have spoken critically of recent changes to legislation. It says the criticism is misleading and misinformed.

The P.E.I. government says it dealt appropriately with the issue four years ago. The National Firearms Association wants federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney to step in and take action.

P.E.I. Chief Firearms officer Vivian Hayward could not be reached for comment.